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Portable Speed Enforcement that is easy to set-up

Designed with the end-user in mind

Portable Speed Enforcement

Flexible enforcement remains a successful strategy to address speeding problems and improve road safety. It helps to enforce speed at high-risk and random locations. For an effective and efficient use of our portable system we designed it with the end user in mind. So, our portable systems are easy to handle and have an intuitive set-up. The stable, tripod mounted system is set up in minutes. Police officers can monitor the operation from the comfort of their vehicles.

Key features:

  • Unique multi-tracking radar

  • Speed verification by applying two independent methods

  • Highest level of legal security

  • Easy to set up and operate

  • For stationary use on tripod or in a car

  • Outstanding picture quality

  • In-vehicle onboard charging

Portable speed enforcement video:

Combine portable speed enforcement with our other solutions and services


Since the invention of the speed camera, we have continued to develop more innovative hardware and software. The next logical step in the evolution of traffic enforcement is to provide a modular setup to combine all our solutions. We can integrate all our solutions seamlessly to the extent you prefer. From hardware systems to the violation collection software Flux and from the data analytics software Puls to the complete automation of the back-office with our Xilium software. But it is also possible to help you with maintenance, project management and financing.

We can even deliver you TRaffic enforcement as a Service (TRaaS). This unique solution is flexible, easily scalable, software oriented and future proof. With TRaaS we will manage the entire process; from procurement and installation of the assets, to registering the violations and issuing the fine notifications. During this, you maintain full control and exclusive access and oversight into the functioning of the total system.

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