Mobile speed enforcement

With Sensys Gatso, you have a complete suite of speed enforcement technology. Combining state-of-the-art modular components, the Sensys Gatso Group gives you the opportunity, freedom and flexibility to enforce speed limits with a full range of solutions, designed for your environment, goals and situation.

Maximum flexibility, maximum performance with minimum installation time and minimum costs!

Speed measurement devices installed into vehicles allow patrol cars to measure speeds of vehicles while driving or when parked alongside the road. For more flexible deployment, the system components are integrated into an enforcement vehicle without altering the appearance of the vehicle. Depending on the chosen strategy, the operator can choose to enforce traffic in approaching, receding or both directions, from a stationary or moving vehicle.

Temporary conditions such as road works may ask for a temporary, flexible, unmanned enforcement solution. The GATSO Semi-fixed solution offers just that; systems can be set up by a single person and then operate autonomously for up to a week on its integrated battery system. Vandalism and theft protection features provide ease of mind when the system is placed even at the most remote locations.

The portable Gatso T-Series and the Sensys MSSS can be deployed for portable use without hardware adjustments. Designed for easy handling and quick setup, they are placed on a tripod to offer flexible and instant enforcement of speed and red-light violations from the side of the road.

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