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Flux: Our smart and versatile sensor management platform

Managing the core of the enforcement process

Flux: Our versatile Sensor Data Collection Platform

Accurately capturing data with sensors is the basis and true essence of reliable traffic enforcement. This is where Sensys Gatso's Flux comes in. Flux is an advanced sensor management platform that allows for the connection of a wide range of road side sensor types that collect traffic and violation related data. The data aggregated from these road side sensors is streamed to Puls (for details please refer to the Puls webpage), which, based on legally or client defined business rules, will determine if an event registered by the Flux system violates any rules. Puls only requests additional data from Flux if such clearly defined rules are violated. Such data that are temporarily stored by Flux may include images, video or detailed violation data. With Flux Sensys Gatso provides scalability to the back office operator. Complex data processing tasks that require increasing computing power are transferred from roadside devices to the cloud and back office. By moving decision making to a central, cloud based platform the end user as operator is able to comfortably manage an entire fleet of traffic related systems. Based on a constant stream of new and logged data traffic managers can analyze traffic, discover trends and create a better road environment for vehicles and road users. Since Flux is hardware independent it is also flexible and ready to take on future (sensor) technologies. With sensor data reliably aggregated by Flux we guarantee valid and trustworthy evidence as a solid basis for violations that, even when legally challenged, will also firmly hold in court cases.

Key features

  • Modular and agnostic to common sensor types
  • Allows for integration of various sensor types
  • Highly adaptive and scalable
  • Accommodates industry standard communication protocols

Combine this solution with our other solutions and services


Since the invention of the speed camera, we have continued to develop more innovative hardware and software. The next logical step in the evolution of traffic enforcement is to provide a modular setup to combine all our solutions. We can integrate all our solutions seamlessly to the extent you prefer. From hardware systems to the violation collection software Flux and from the data analytics software Puls to the complete automation of the back-office with our Xilium software. But it is also possible to help you with maintenance, project management and financing.

We can even deliver you TRaffic enforcement as a Service (TRaaS). This unique solution is flexible, easily scalable, software oriented and future proof. With TRaaS we will manage the entire process; from procurement and installation of the assets, to registering the violations and issuing the fine notifications. During this, you maintain full control and exclusive access and oversight into the functioning of the total system.

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