Sensys Gatso

The solid backbone of your enforcement process

All processes effectively covered: Our Flux, Puls and Xilium software

Meet the Sensys Gatso Trinity: Flux, Puls and Xilium

Intelligent software is at the heart of all our automated enforcement systems. We developed our own proven software to ensure a smooth enforcement process that guarantees a valid and trustworthy piece of evidence that will hold up in court. Starting with Sensys Gatso Flux to correctly register the violation details. After the violation Flux sends the data to our collecting and analyzing software Puls. Then the data is sent to Xilium, our back-office software. It automatically sends out the fines and monitors the payment. In case of non-payment, we can support the courts with violation details to issue a court order.

Our software is modular and works seamlessly together. It can be customized to efficiently manage your specific enforcement processes. Throughout this entire automated process, you retain complete control and insight. We’ll do the work, and you keep control.