Starting In June there are new speed cameras for road tunnels in Sweden. During the summer, cameras will be active in four major tunnels in Stockholm and Gothenburg. The goal is, as always, to help drivers comply with speed limit to save lives.​

More and more tunnels are built around the bigger cities and the need for improved safety is growing. Speed enforcement in tunnels have been hard since the environment is harsh and space is limited. The environment in a tunnel is very hard to deal with, after a few days of operation the dirt is everywhere. And the access to a tunnel is limited, so cleaning the equipment cannot be done often. 

This is a problem since the speed compliance is even more important in tunnels as it is everywhere else on the road network. 

Sensys Gatso has now developed a system that can cope with the challenging environment and allow installation in tunnels. Our solution can stand the environment but on the same time it is not to complex and costly, like automatic mechanical cleaning. A cone in front of the system creates a pillar of air that helps protect the camera and now we are be able to save lives even in the tunnels.


Photo: Anders Wiman