The Sensys Gatso Group offers you a complete range of red-light and speed enforcement technology. Only we can offer you the level of accuracy, credibility and adaptability that guarantees your program will be a success. Our solutions and product offers convincing measurable results, are the most cost efficient on the long run and lead to less traffic casualties.

Red-light and speed enforcement

Choosing a red-light and/or speed enforcement provider is an important decision. No other company has our worldwide credentials or can match our successful rate of vehicle detection. Our systems generate completely reliable results regardless of weather or light conditions — 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. And, the Sensys Gatso Group sets the standard for authenticity of evidence. No court case has ever been lost as a result of our technology.

Excessive speed before or after an intersection stop poses a serious safety issue. The Sensys Gatso Group can help you enforce red-light running and speeding simultaneously — with just one device. You have the option of an event recorder that takes live video of the driving offense as it happens.

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