Sensys Gatso

Meeting the intersection safety challenges of Hong Kong

A tailor made solution for a very satisfied client

The key challenges

The new enforcement system needed to monitor wider junctions with multiple lanes. The technology also had to withstand very warm temperatures and high levels of humidity while still producing crystal clear images and indisputable evidence. Obviously, the Hong Kong Department of Transport were keen to avoid any risk of wrongful prosecution. One of the main priorities was to implement a system that would be completely accurate and reliable.

Hong Kong has the second highest population density in the world and with that also a high vehicle density. Automated red-light enforcement is nothing new for Hong Kong, but their existing system, which still partially relied on wet-film and low-resolution cameras, was struggling. The small number of systems in service was no longer coping with the ever-increasing enforcement needs. The city needed a modern, state-of-the-art enforcement solution.

The client also wanted a solution that would not dominate the streetscape but which would be clearly visible from a distance so that drivers had ample time to slow down. They commissioned independent expert Dr. Yung to help them find the best solution.

'All systems work according to the specification and performed reliably over the time period'.
– Hong Kong Government Commissioned Expert Dr. Yung - University of Hong Kong

Solutions that stand up to the test

Sensys Gatso extensively tests its technology under all kinds of conditions. This ensures that it works effectively day and night, 365 days a year, even in extreme temperatures and humidity. In Hong Kong, the testing and evaluation didn’t stop once the contract had been awarded. Dr. Yung’s team carried out independent accuracy and reliability tests at every intersection where the Sensys Gatso systems were deployed. After almost 15 months of testing, and having reviewed more than 20,000 individual cases, Dr. Yung was able to conclude: “All systems work according to the specification and performed reliably over the time period.” The solution was to split the system and take some parts out of the pole mounted cabinet and place them in a separate roadside unit at street level. This completely fulfilled the customer’s need for a compact camera housing with little impact on the streetscape and easy accessibility for periodic testing and servicing.

“The combination of images and video enables the police to identify any mitigating circumstances surrounding the offence before they make a decision to issue the ticket. This also allows people who have received a fine to review the entire event".
– Hong Kong Government Commissioned Expert Dr. Yung - University of Hong Kong

Key features

  • Supply and installation of 77 cameras covering 75 intersections
  • Roadside cabinets for easy access
  • Inductive loops for a high detection rate and accuracy
  • High resolution cameras for crystal clear images
  • Event recorder for additional evidence
  • Compact camera units installed on high visibility posts
  • Fully maintained
"Experience so far suggests that once a driver sees the offence on video they don’t challenge the penalty. This saves a considerable amount of time in terms of manpower and unnecessary disputes”.
– Hong Kong Government Commissioned Expert Dr. Yung - University of Hong Kong

No room for doubt when it comes to road safety

For the City of Hong Kong, it’s a question of improving road safety. Multiple steps were taken to ensure that drivers were fully aware of the enforcement measures in place. Road signs announce that cameras are in operation; posts are painted bright orange; and a list of all camera locations is published on the Police Department website.
Moreover, processing red light offences is now faster, more accurate and more efficient. A modern and effective red light enforcement system is helping to make roads in Hong Kong safer. In fact the year after installation recorded the lowest number of fatalities due to road traffic crashes since 1955.

Project profile

Client: Hong Kong Transport Department and Police Department

Client Project Expert: Dr. Yung, University of Hong Kong

Solution: T-Series - Intersection safety