Most governments all over the world prioritise the improvement of road safety. One of the available tools for influencing the behaviour of road-users is traffic law enforcement – and in particular speed enforcement.

With our enforcement systems you have a complete suite of speed enforcement technology. Combining state-of-the-art modular components, the Sensys Gatso Group gives you the opportunity to enforce speed limits with a full range of solutions, designed for your environment, goals and situation.

Fixed installation
A highly efficient and effective solution, permanently installed at the side of the road, we sets the standard for speed enforcement. Sensys Gatsos different cabinets combines design and functionality and can easily be installed to existing street furniture or stock poles. For locations known to be speeding black spots or high-risk areas, fixed cameras provide an effective solution for round-the-clock enforcement.

Section control
Average speed is calculated between the moments a vehicle enters and leaves a selected section of motorway or tunnel. Multiple lanes can be monitored simultaneously. GATSO Section Control is easy to install to existing street furniture or gantry. The high matching and detection accuracy make it a very effective solution. Vehicle detection is achieved without damage or adjustment to the road surface. The high trigger accuracy also makes it possible to enforce on relatively short stretches of road, such as tunnels and bridges. Secure synchronization of the internal clocks guarantees reliable evidence.

The Sensys Gatso Group can also offer length measurement where there are different speed limits for different types of vehicles. In addition, multi section control and simultaneous spot speed are available. And where variable message signs impose dynamic speed limits, the system optically reads the current speed limit from the VMS. 


  • More effective
  • Better public acceptance
  • Smoother traffic flow
  • Lower emmissions
  • Less noise

No matter how you use the enforcement system, you’ll have completely reliable results 24 hours a day, 365 days a year — regardless of conditions. You can count on it. After all, no court case has ever been lost as a result of our technology. Choose from purchasing our advanced equipment-only or take advantage of a fully outsourced option. 

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