Sensys Gatso

“A true intersection enforcement solution, with flexible deployment options.”

Red Light Enforcement

The T-Series red light system enforces the widest intersections with extreme detection and imaging accuracy. It is engineered to perform autonomously from traffic signal controllers, inductive in-ground loops and data lines - it’s fully wireless from the roadway to the signal box. A single pole and system power is all that is required. We provide 24/7 monitoring and access to the deployed system.

A single T-Series intersection enforcement system can handle multiple distinct light signal phases independently. Up to 32 vehicles are tracked simultaneously across 5 lanes of an intersection approach. Importantly, the system can become a red light / speed-on-green enforcement solution almost instantly, with no modification necessary to the existing deployment. The T-Series can be mounted to existing street infrastructure, greatly reducing installation time. The system can be moved to alternate locations with ease, at a lower cost than traditional systems.