Sensys Gatso

Mobile / Work-Zone Enforcement - most credentialed and accredited in the industry

The Sensys Gatso T-Series photo enforcement camera is the most credentialed and accredited in the industry.

It is a radar-based, multi-platform system, capable of being deployed in a number of configurations. In its mobile configuration the T-Series is capable of six lanes of speed enforcement. The system is available in a number of configurations, in discreet or highly visible trim, either externally mounted or internally mounted to the vehicle. Our mobile solution utilizes the same components found in our fixed enforcement system. Operator-configured through an intuitive tablet or laptop, the officer or operator can leave the vehicle roadside for multiple shifts on a single charge.


  • Utilization of our advanced RT4 Doppler Radar
  • Optional powerful external supplemental flash unit
  • Elevated, more favorable system mounting solution
  • Custom mounting brackets for quick deployment
  • Powerful & efficient LiFePO4 single-battery system


  • Decrease the number of vehicle occlusions
  • Increased lane illumination for improved plate capture
  • Perfect system alignment angles
  • Efficient mounting/breakdown solution
  • Isolation from vehicle electric system