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Newsletter August

Newsletter August


Dear reader

We operate in a business with quite long sales timelines, but also with long contracts of typically 5-10 years. Quarterly financial reports are therefore not always relevant and as Group Management we rather look at 12-months rolling forecast numbers to keep track of our financial and business performance.

Currently we inform the market about our financial and business performance during our quarterly report presentations, at our AGM, via press releases for orders of more than MSEK 5 and through investor relation presentations. We have learned that investors are eager to find out more about what is going on in our company and in our industry. With this in mind we started to increase the information flow via our social media channels to demonstrate all the good work our employees are performing day-in, day-out around the world. If you want to be kept uptodate in realtime, follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

Below you can see some of the posts we recently shared. Wishing you a good read.

Drive safely!

Ivo Mönnink, CEO

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