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Sensy Gatso Australia Expands Operations

Further to recent TRaaS contract awards, Sensys Gatso Australia has expanded operations with an additional office location in Port Melbourne.

As a result of growing the annuity business through TRaaS contract engagements, the Australian team has leased and fitted out an additional office location for delivery of technical support to service our client base in Australia and Asia Pacific.

Located only 242 steps away from the Head Office location, the new facility is now the base of our T-Series technical support, our Sensys Gatso Service Desk and maintenance technician staff. It includes a client ready conference room, a technical lab and IP Telephony capability. 10 of our team members have already moved in and have been delivering services from the new location since April. The additional facility also enables greater use of the Head Office location to deliver the growing amount of client projects signed over the last 12 months. 

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