Sensys Gatso

Our certification, accreditation and licensing

We are ISO-certified in various areas

To live up to the expectations of our customers, we work in a systematic manner with quality and continuous improvement.

ISO 9001:2015: quality management systems

As evidence of our commitment Sensys Gatso, both in Australia, Sweden and in the Netherlands, are ISO certified according to ISO 9001:2015 - an international standard for quality management systems.

This certification means that our management, including our processes and procedures are approved by the ISO standard. To meet external expectations and requirements the management system is undergoing continuous improvement, and monitored through regular internal and external audits, all to ensure the quality of our services.


ISO 14001: environmental impact

Sustainability aspects are embedded in our solutions – it is what we do. Aside from saving lives through our speed enforcement programs, our solutions also support a reduction in emissions and pollution by ensuring even-driving patterns and reduced driving speeds that can lower vehicle emissions by as much as 25%. We also actively work with the environmental impacts that we as a company can affect. Our Environmental Management System, which is a company-wide platform that addresses environmental aspects and resource and material usage, is the backbone of this work. We call this program Green SGG, and its purpose is to ensure our entire organization works to do what we can to protect our environment and save resources.

Both subsidiaries Sensys Gatso Sweden (SGSE) and Netherlands (SGNL) have determined the KPI’s that most impact our environmental footprint. For the latter, where we have our own production facility, this also supports the ISO 14001 certification.


ISO 27001: information security

We know how sensitive (traffic enforcement) information can be.

Keeping ours and customers information safe and secure is key in our business.

Improvements are made to mitigate and deal with regulations, (e.g. privacy regulations), cyber threats and information security risks arising.

The three values of information security; Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability are embedded in the "genes" of our organization. We value these values greatly and promote these constantly among our employees as well as our customers.

The information security management system is intended for and used within the full Sensys Gatso organization. Sensys Gatso Netherlands also holds an ISO 27001 certificate, the leading standard for managing information security.

Accredited by Swedac

Sensys Gatso is accredited for performing sensor calibration. This implies that we are required to maintain skills and competence among our staff and to perform inspections and studies with good quality. We shall also further develop the related methods and introduce new procedures in tandem with research and development.

Accreditation entails testing competence in accordance with European and international standards. We have been accredited since 2011 as per standard SS-EN ISO/IEC 17020. As accreditation body, SWEDAC* visits us each year to verify that we continue to possess the competence to carry out the methods and procedures for which we are accredited, and that we fulfil in general the established requirements for accreditation.

*SWEDAC – the Swedish Board for Accreditation and Conformity Assessment – is a central agency under the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Traffic safety management system

Sweden's long-term vision, ie. zero killed and seriously injured in road traffic, is an important basic principle in a new global standard. Together with the Swedish Transport Administration, SIS (Swedish Institute for Standards) has initiated an international work and has developed a management system standard for road traffic safety - ISO 39001 - which was published in the autumn of 2012. The international interest is great and interest groups such as, for example, WHO and World Bank have participated in the work. Road traffic safety not only concerns road builders, transporters and vehicle manufacturers, but all organizations that can influence and / or be affected by road safety. Sensys Gatso Sweden is a member of the committee.

Australian Packaging Covenant Organization

Sensys Gatso Australia and management are committed to increasing the sustainability of their packaging and reducing the impact on the environment. Sensys Gatso Australia is pleased to announce that they have been assessed by the Australian Packaging Covenant Organization (APCO) as achieving Level 4 (Leading) for the core criteria against the APCO Packaging Sustainability Framework thereby confirming the excellent progress being made.