Sensys Gatso

Sensys Gatso: Making traffic safer since 1958

The Sensys Gatso Group is a leading global provider of road safety enforcement solutions. Gatso was founded in 1958 by former racing driver Maurice Gatsonides who refused to accept human measurement errors. He invented a speed measurement device to measure his speed on the racetrack and quickly realized he also could use this technology to improve road safety.

Sensys was committed to join the fight against the idea that traffic victims are just the reality of sharing the road, also represented by Vision Zero. A combination of these strengths was clearly meant to be. And so Sensys Gatso Group was born in 2015. With combined skills and vitality the company continued launching innovative products, extending its reach into new markets.

Wherever you are located, our highly motivated team with a global reach, looks forward to partnering with you to accomplish your road safety, traffic management and environmental objectives.

Why choose Sensys Gatso?

  • Excellent long-standing reputation as a reliable and trusted business partner
  • Dedicated worldwide team of traffic enforcement experts
  • An enduring track record of effective and innovative technology
  • Solutions oriented with the objectives of the end user in mind
  • Clear development focus on reliability and the lowest total cost-of-ownership

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