Sensys Gatso

Our Corporate Social Responsibility

Acting with integrity in transparency

As mentioned under our Corporate Policy, a basic rule for the Sensys Gatso Group AB shall be “acting with integrity in transparency”. Simply said: “Doing the right thing”. This is also the basic premise of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and drives our role in society and interaction with our clients, employees, partners, shareholders, suppliers and other stakeholders.

There are also social responsibilities and contributions which we fulfill directly through the products and services we design, manufacture, deliver and operate that result in road safety, environmental and quality of life improvements and a reduction in the number of casualties, injuries and crashes.

Our human rights responsibility

Sensys Gatso executes fair labour and fair-trade practices and does not accept the use of child labour, exploitation of children or other forms of unacceptable treatment of workers. Sensys Gatso also insists on safeguarding respect for human rights.

The foundation for Sensys Gatso’s “Code of Conduct” is the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Sensys Gatso requests its business partners to observe these principles.

Our environmental responsibility

Sensys Gatso carefully considers the environmental impact when developing new products or improving existing ones, as well as during production, product delivery, waste management and company travel.

Sensys Gatso supplies systems for traffic enforcement and traffic management. The functionality of these systems contributes to lower exhaust emissions as a result of reduced speeds and a more constant flow of traffic. This is especially visible with our Average Speed enforcement systems. Moreover, our systems designed for Low Emission Zones reduce the number of polluting vehicles in designated urban areas.

Sensys Gatso complies with the applicable WEEE Directive (Waste of Electric and Electronic Equipment), which stipulates how end-of-life electrical equipment will be processed, and the RoHS Directive (Restriction on Hazardous Substances), which aims to remove hazardous substances from products.

Related to our environmental responsibility, Sensys Gatso is committed to minimizing the ecological footprint of its business operations. Moreover, design criteria focus on long and sustainable equipment lifespans and low lifecycle costs for clients and operators.

Capacity building and involving road safety stakeholders

Sensys Gatso has been a proud long-term sponsor of the Delft Road Safety Courses and provides an annual scholarship for the two-week road safety course. Additionally, based on its long-standing experience, Sensys Gatso advises governments and related stakeholders on the introduction, expansion and optimization of automated enforcement.