Since 1990, Gatsometer BV (now part of Sensys Gatso Group AB) has been delivering speed and red light enforcement systems in the UK in partnership with the intelligent transportation systems (ITS) business from Cubic Transportation System, a business unit of Cubic Corporation, to make roads safer.

During this time, the two companies have worked together to establish a camera network spreading across the UK, resulting in safer driving behaviour.  At the core of the program was Ted Janssen who worked for Gatso between October 1967 and December 2015. Ted was responsible for development of the technology, sales, the Home Office type approval and training on use of equipment to the police. Ted was also responsible for the development of special projects that needed to meet the local requirements and specifications. Ted later in his career became director of production and R&D and sales for the UK.

During the September 2016 National Safer Roads Partnerships’ conference in Manchester, United Kingdom, Trevor Hall, managing director, Road Safety Support, honoured Ted with a lifetime achievement award for his contribution to traffic enforcement and road safety in the UK. Trevor is one of the world’s leading experts on the development and operation of police enforcement technology, having managed several road safety initiatives, partnerships and organisations. Each of these has contributed significantly to the reduction in UK road casualty figures, which are now among the lowest in the world.

Ted, who was unable to attend the conference, received his award on February 21th at the Gatso office in Haarlem, Netherlands.

Bert Tiggelman from Sensys Gatso Group, who worked with Janssen until he retired said, “It has been an honour to work with Ted. In the early days, I assisted him to build the first sites in the UK. It will not be easy to take over his position, but together with Cubic, our end users and our staff, I am sure we will be able to continue to serve our UK customers in the way in which Ted would approve.”

Philip Mabey, programme manager at Cubic, a Sensys Gatso UK partner, said, “Ted has made a tremendous contribution to road safety in the UK, advising on the introduction of technology resulting in the reduction of deaths and serious injury on the roads over many years.”