During the first quarter of 2015, the Village of Newburgh Heights, Ohio made the bold decision to move away from their existing photo enforcement vendor and select SENSYS GATSO USA as their new partner. With ongoing challenges and frustrations surrounding the back office software portion of their program, The Village needed to make a change. One would expect that the benefits of using software for business would include things like: accuracy, efficiency, reporting, metrics-tracking and rapid data sharing across an organization. In this case, Newburgh Height’s requests for reports and program metrics went unanswered and their ability to quickly and efficiently share data simply wasn’t there.

Sensys Gatso Solution

The key to transitioning The Village’s program from one vendor to another was in the software. The back office software solution provided to Newburgh Heights by Sensys Gatso USA was developed by Sensys Gatso, specifically for photo enforcement programs. Sensys Gatso Group’s XILIUM platform provided the exact flexibility that was required to take over a program, which used non-Gatso equipment and also handles the subsequent deployment of Sensys Gatso equipment, as well. Xilium doesn’t care if the data, images and video are coming from Sensys Gatso camera systems or someone else’s. It is completely “agnostic”. Xilium takes data in common formats, like jpg, xml and txt and packages it for processing. In the case of Newburgh Heights, they now benefit from a fully Managed Services program, specifically:
» Event review; data, images and video
» Violations processing
» Citations Issuance and Mailing
» Payment Handling and Collections Management
» 20 + Standard Reports
» Stats and Financial Values for Infractions and Tickets
» Powerful Dashboard of Key Metrics

Benefits of Sensys Gatso over others

Nearly one year after selecting SENSYS GATSO USA, the Village could not be more pleased with their decision to make the change. Although Newburgh Heights is a relatively small village with only 2000 residents, speeding drivers on their Interstate 77 is a real challenge that needs to be managed. Working closely with the SENSYS GATSO USA team, the Village has been able to gain access to critical data and trending information and share that data easily with stakeholders of the program.

SENSYS GATSO USA was able to close the loop on the unanswered requests of Newburgh Heights with regard to reporting, metrics and statistics. While their previous provider of photo enforcement promised reports and statistics in the form of an a-la-carte pricing menu, SENSYS GATSO delivers their data on a platter, in whatever format suits them. After all, it is their data. The careful onboarding process and personalized service by the staff of SENSYS GATSO led to a seamless transition of the program. The Village stakeholders know that when they have questions or need assistance, they have a true partner who delivers.

“Approximately one year ago the Village of Newburgh Heights transitioned from our prior photo enforcement vendor to Sensys Gatso and couldn’t be more pleased. The back office support provided by the Xilium software platform has been a particularly beneficial tool in the implementation and tracking of our enforcement program.”

“Integrity is of utmost importance to the Village of Newburgh Heights as it allows us to maintain our program with peace of mind needed to operate effectively. Sensys Gatso has provided us with this essential quality.”
Newburgh Heights, Mayor Trevor Elkins

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