Cedar Rapids, Iowa had a very serious problem. In 2008 alone, 9 people lost their lives in road traffic collisions. And, 7 of these 9 deaths were caused by speeding on the I-380, a hazardous stretch of highway running straight into the center of Cedar Rapids. The volume of traffic and the bends in the road make manned enforcement impossible without endangering officers’ lives and bringing traffic to a standstill.

Sensys Gatso Solution

GATSO USA provided the Cedar Rapids Police Department with a solution that covered the entire traffic enforcement process — from equipment installation to fine collection. The Cedar Rapids case is an example of our Managed Services offering.

The solution includes various types of enforcement equipment to address the problems in the cities intersections, open roads and the part of the interstate that runs through the city center. After careful analysis of the traffic patterns and crash data GATSO USA presented a comprehensive plan to improve the road safety. Aside from the traffic cameras and efficient violation processing software this plan included the development of effective communication materials.

The implementation resulted in dramatic improvement of the road safety, during the winter of 2010-2011, the first winter after implementation of the GATSO systems, Cedar Rapids experienced one of the worst storms on record. However, police were called to ‘only’ 8 crashes, a significant reduction compared to storms in previous years. Most significantly, since the program’s installation, Cedar Rapids has had no fatalities on the I-380.

Best practice approach

The biggest challenge with traffic enforcement — in any community — is winning public trust and support. Sensys Gatso applies transparent and strict control processes where the customer is always in full control. These processes are used in the Sensys Gatso organization for all phases of a program. During the Build phase the most suitable systems, processes and workflows are selected in close cooperation with the customer. During the Operate and Maintain phase Sensys Gatso is applying a best practice approach developed over 50 years of experience without making any compromise on integrity.

In the Cedar Rapids program multiple technologies are used that provide the best performance for the particular application and traffic situation. This program includes systems for red-light monitoring with speed-on-green, open road speed enforcement with fixed and mobile systems, as well as dedicated high volume interstate enforcement. All the systems are designed, manufactured and operated to very strict standards.

GATSO also helped Cedar Rapids develop effective communication materials. These played an important role in addressing public concerns and increasing awareness of traffic safety within the local community.

“Choosing GATSO was a no-brainer. They had exactly what we needed in terms of experience, technical solutions and know-how.”
Chief Graham

“If you ask me does this system work...It has made a huge difference. The roads are safer. We used to have fatalities in the monitored section every year- since the cameras have been installed we’ve had none. GATSO is delivering everything we wanted.”
Chief Graham

“To me it’s wonderful because I haven’t had to go do those death notifications this year. I haven’t had to destroy somebody’s family.” Sgt. Cristy Hamblin

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