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Like many cities, Amsterdam is working hard to meet EU air quality standards. One of the steps taken by the Amsterdam City Council was to establish a Low Emission Zone to keep polluting trucks out of the busy city centre. But, enforcing this zone proved to be a challenge - with 38 entry points and up to 1 million vehicles travelling into the zone each day. How do you accurately check every vehicle, regardless of where it enters the zone, without traffic disruption, with minimal impact on the surrounding environment and without an army of enforcement officers?

Sensys Gatso Solution

Sensys Gatso provided the Amsterdam City Council with a tailored solution including equipment, installation maintenance, service and management for 7 years.

The solution combines high quality digital imaging with the performance of radar detection to form a closed cordon around the  low emission zone, registering all vehicles that enter. As per the desire of the City Counsil to minimize operational cost, SGG developed a staged registration process where only confirmed violations of the Low Emission Zone produce digitally signed records. This reduces costly 3G bandwidth usage and makes the process of screening and issuing violations more efficient. Using the XILIUM software, GATSO is able to manage and support the network of cameras and keep Amsterdam City Council fully updated on their status.

Before the zone was introduced, almost one third of all trucks in the city centre exceeded emissions limits. Less than two years after the automated enforcement system went operational, 99% of all vehicles entering the zone are checked, 89% are fully compliant, 9% have obtained a special permit and only 2% receive a fine. As a result, particulate levels have fallen to within EU air quality limits.

“GATSO won the contract because they could deliver exactly the technical solution we were looking for, with the best price performance ratio. They were the most cost effective and with a 0.02% margin of error and a 95% read rate they exceeded our demands.”
Herman Algra, Project Manager - Amsterdam Low Emission Zone

“This is the biggest Low Emission Zone in the Netherlands. To enforce the zone would require large numbers of officers working around the clock both in the field and in the back office. That just isn’t feasible. GATSO’s system makes top quality enforcement possible at an acceptable price.”
Katja Landman, Administrator - Amsterdam Low Emission Zone

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