The Swedish government has been pursuing the Vision Zero philosophy to traffic safety since 1997 when the parliament took the decision to adopt Vision Zero as a legislation. The main portion of the fatalities occurred on rural roads where the risk for head-to-head collisions was high and at junctions where the risk for side impact collisions were high. Therefore the Swedish Police and the Swedish Transport Administration decided to implement an extensive national speed enforcement program  focusing rural roads, as one of the major measures under the Vision Zero program. The challenges in the implementation was the high requirements on legal integrity as speeding is a criminal act in Sweden, driver identification as the driver is responsible and public acceptance of an extensive nationwide speed enforcement program.  At the same time a short and accurate roll-out was essential to meet the life saving objectives in the right time frame.

Sensys Gatso Solution

The Swedish Transport Administration selected Sensys Gatso Groups speed safety systems due to the proven legal integrity and high image quality that was proven in thorough competitive testing. Sensys Gatso Group's flexibility to adapt the customer's design needs and ability to roll-out quickly thanks to the outsourced dual supply chains as well as the Sensys Gatso Group's service organisation. The flexibility to design needs, meant that the customer could receive a designed system that supported the conceptual approach to support drivers to adhere to the speed limit rather than punishing violators, resulting in a high public acceptance. Furthermore the Swedish Transport Administration selected Sensys Gatso Group as it could deliver a full solution from systems delivery to installation and maintenance. Sensys Gatso Group developed a field service organisation with the capability of meeting the strict service level requirements of the Transport Administration, for instance a downtime less than 24 hrs for periodical maintenance which did require an innovative in-the-field verification process.

 "We selected Sensys Gatso Group due to a very competitive solution meeting our high requirements on legal integrity and image quality. We are very satisfied with the execution of the project. Rolling out and commissioning 1,500 systems in three years, was a formidable challenge that Sensys Gatso Group has managed to our full satisfaction. This has helped us to save approximately 20-30 lives per year. The legal integrity of the system has been critical to the acceptance. No violation has been overturned or rejected in court due to technical issues over the 10 years we have had Sensys Gatso Group technology in operation. The high image quality has significantly improved the efficiency of the violation processing center." says Rune Hammarberg, Operations Coordinator for the National Speed Enforcement Program (ATK) at the Swedish Transport Administration. 

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