The main traffic artery between the north and south of the Netherlands is the A2 highway between Amsterdam and Maastricht. Since the road was put into use in 1954, the volume of traffic has increased by more than 1800% to a staggering 200.000 vehicles each day, a number which is expected to grow even further in the coming years.

To handle the traffic increase an expansion from 3 to 5 lanes was needed on the busiest section between Amsterdam and Utrecht. An expansion that would only be allowed  if the expected increase in noise and emissions was kept under control. But how do you preserve the environment and increase road capacity at the same time?

Sensys Gatso Solution

Sensys Gatso Group provided the National Public Prosecutor’s Office - National Traffic Team (LPTV) with a fully automated solution to enforce average speed over the entire 30km of the expansion.

The solution covers capture process up to the delivery of speed violation cases to the violation processing back office, the case data being sufficiently reliable for fully automatic issuance of citations. One of the various measures implemented to achieve this level of reliability was teh implementation of 3rd party, laser based length measurement to effectively distinguish passenger cars from - lower speed allowed - trucks and cars with trailers. The Road users on the A2 were used to the higher speed limit of 120 km/h. With the new limit of 100 km/h combined with more lanes, speeding would be tempting. Shortly after enforcement started, speeding nevertheless dropped to around 1% of the 90.000 vehicles that traverse the section each day.


“GATSO has delivered the systems according to agreements and is flexible and highly innovative.”
Wiggert Mathol, Project Manager, Traffic Enforcement Team of the National Public Prosecutor’s Office

“The section control system meets all our expectations. Because virtually everyone adheres to the limit, we achieve the environmental objectives. Emissions of nitrogen and particulate matter remain within the standards, agreements with neighboring communities on reducing noise are observed, and the section control improves the traffic flow.”
Wiggert Mathol, Project Manager; Traffic Enforcement Team of the National Public Prosecutor’s Office

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