After installing more than 5.000 automated speed enforcement camera’s in France between 2003 and 2010 a saturation effect could clearly be noticed; the introduction of more cameras did not result in the strong reduction of road crashes it had before. Road users were well aware of the camera locations and this predictability was limiting the overall deterrent and behavior-modification effect of the Program.

Sensys Gatso Solution

Sensys Gatso Group provided the Ministry with a mobile speed enforcement solution based on the powerful T-Series solution platform. The fully integrated system is installed discreetly into an inconspicuous vehicle, hardly noticeable to the average road user. The system is capable of enforcing both approaching and receding traffic simultaneously, while stationary or in motion.

By making the system as easy to use as possible, implementing a step-by-step workflow and automated checks on critical actions and functions has managed to reduce the risk of costly operator errors to an absolute minimum.  In today’s world of smartphones and tablets, operators expect a simple, intuitive user interface, a feature that was unheard of in traffic enforcement until Sensys Gatso Group introduced the T-Series. Now, without extensive training, a first time user is capable of operating the system within minutes.

The capability of the T-Series In-vehicle system to mingle with traffic without being noticed, while enforcing the speed limit for both approaching and receding traffic, has provided the Gendarmerie with a groundbreaking enforcement tool to further meet their traffic safety goals. During the first six months of actual operation, there was a 15% reduction in fatalities, which led the French government to extend the contract and purchase more T-Series In-vehicle systems than originally planned.


“257 lives were saved in the last six months, a decrease of 15.1% compared to the first half of 2012. These results are extremely encouraging. This decline is twice as large as that observed throughout the last year. This is very significant.”
Manuel Valls, Prime Minister of France

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