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Gatso was founded in 1958 by former racing driver Maurice Gatsonides; sports enthusiast, racing champion and entrepreneur and was the grandfather of current CTO at Sensys Gatso Group, Timo Gatsonides, and current CEO of Sensys Gatso Netherlands, Niki Gatsonides. Maurice Gatsonides invented the first speed camera to measure his speed on the race track and quickly realized he also could use this technology to improve road safety. He introduced the world’s first speed measuring device and the first speed camera, the Gatsometer, in 1964 and Gatso was born. Gatso has its office in Haarlem, the Netherlands.

Sensys was founded in 1982 as a development company. The company expanded in 1987 when the Swedish police requested technology that could meet stringent requirements. Sensys won the procurement process, and they have been supplying systems to the Swedish Transport Administration (formerly the Swedish National Road Administration) ever since. Sensys changed its strategy in 2001 by accelerating development and starting to sell systems outside Sweden.

Sensys acquired Gatso 2015, and the Sensys Gatso Group was born. Sensys Gatso Group is now the leading provider of traffic safety solutions delivering systems, software and services primarily for automatic traffic enforcement globally.


» 1958 – Gatso introduces world’s first speed measuring device for vehicles.

» 1964 – Gatso introduces world’s first speed enforcement camera.

» 1966 – Gatso presents world’s first red-light enforcement camera.

» 1970 – Gatso introduces radar for speed measurement.

» 1980 – Gatso introduces first mobile radar speed control.

» 1982 – The company Sensys is founded and starts developing the first 10 GHz radar.

» 1987 – Sensys introduces the RC100 tracking radar sensor and is awarded a contract by the Swedish National Police.

» 1989 – Gatso introduces world’s first loop-based red-light enforcement system in combination with speed.

» 1993 – Gatso introduces world’s first lane specific speed enforcement system linked to variable speed signs.

» 1994 – Gatso introduces world’s first section control solution.

» 1996 – Gatso is the world’s first to offer a front/rear camera system for speed.

» 1997 – Gatso manufactures first digital red-light camera.

» 2001 – Sensys becomes a public listed company on the Stockholm Stock Exchange and receives its first contract in Dubai.

» 2005 – Sensys is awarded a contract to supply 700 speed enforcement systems in Sweden.

» 2005 – Gatso is first in the industry with non-invasive detection (Gatso Loopless Trigger Radar).

» 2010 – Gatso is first to integrate AMBER Alert functionality in its enforcement cameras.

» 2010 – Sensys receives break-through order on Pantograph Monitoring Systems from Sweden.

» 2012 – Gatso Introduces T-Series - industry’s first fully autonomous, non-invasive enforcement platform.

» 2012 – Sensys introduces the 4D tracking radar RS242. Sensys' US partner is awarded speed and redlight enforcement contract in Washington DC, USA.

» 2013 – Sensys is awarded to national contract for Speed Enforcement in Sweden covering delivery and services for a minimum of 700 systems. 

» 2013 – Gatso Introduces the first moving radar control for enforcement of approaching and receding vehicles.

» 2015 – Gatso introduces the new T-Series, the most compact integrated enforcement system on the market with unrivalled deployment flexibility.

» 2015 – Sensys acquired Gatso, and the Sensys Gatso Group was born. 

» 2016 – Delivered the first In-vehicle project to MENA 

» 2017 – Sensys Gatso received an order from Sweden to develop the current speed enforcement solutions in order to meet the specific requirements in road tunnels

» 2018 - Sensys Gatso launches FLUX, the unprecedented, scalable traffic enforcement platform for the future