Our Purpose

People make mistakes.
And those mistakes have consequences.
Dramatic consequences.
Each day, over 3,500 people die.
Not through sickness or old age.
But through traffic crashes.
We battle this each day.
A battle against overconfidence and acceptance.
We are all excellent drivers. In our minds.
Until we actually get behind the wheel and drive.
A traffic accident?
It happens.
It’s part of driving in traffic.
We refuse to accept this.
It’s our calling to come up with solutions.
This is why Gatso refused to accept human measurement errors.
And why Sensys fought against the idea
that traffic victims are just the reality of sharing the road.

A combination of these strengths was clearly meant to be.
And so Sensys Gatso was born.
With a joint mission to improve traffic behavior.
Through intelligent, effective, and reliable enforcement.
All around the world.
From clear violation recording
to sending out the fine.
And from tailor-made products
to five star maintenance.
With our unique software at the heart of it all.
This is how we’ve made traffic enforcement a service.
And how we always create the best solutions for our customers.
Sensys Gatso. Making traffic safer.