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On March 22nd, SGG announced a procurement award for in-vehicle based traffic enforcement systems from a governmental customer in Saudi Arabia. The procurement award concerned the delivery of systems to a potential total value of EUR 10 million, corresponding to SEK 100 million. Under the procurement award the customer placed a first order of SEK 66 million.

“We are not only excited to have successfully delivered and installed the first batch, but also to have established a closer relationship with an important customer with whom we hope to have a long-term relationship in this very relevant market”, says Saman Alae Naziri, General Manager, Sensys Gatso Group MENA.

Sensys Gatso’s T-series in-vehicle systems have a great impact on driver behavior as they are unpredictable in time and location. They can be deployed in large quantities rather fast without having to install fixed units on the roadsides.