We are happy to announce that we have started two blogs!

> BLOG: making-traffic-safer.com

> BLOG: making-cities-safer.com



 Main objectives with this blog:

» Spread our + 40 years experience and knowledge in Traffic Enforcement to existing customers and markets that have interest in how modern Traffic enforcement systems can maximize traffic safety.

» Inspire and educate new markets how to successfully introduce Traffic Enforcement systems to be able to save lives and help to reduce how the increasing traffic negatively impacts the environment.

» To be a catalyst building a world-wide Traffic Enforcement community, where we can share experiences and help other countries, governments and municipalities with the Traffic Enforcement challenges.

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Blog owner: Philip Wijers, Director Government Affairs, Sensys Gatso Group
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Main objectives with this blog:

» Spread out well-proven technologies and know-how to contribute to make cities safer and increase quality of life of their citizens.

» Position Sensys Gatso Group in the emerging landscape of modern traffic management and smart city based intelligent Transportation Systems.

» To be an important voice and be part of the discussions now going on around the globe to improve attractiveness, quality of life and sustainability of the cities.


Blog owner: Johan Frilund, EVP Corporate Development, Sensys Gatso Group
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