Sensys Gatso introduces the next step in traffic enforcement
Sensys Gatso’s unique new traffic enforcement solution is flexible, easily scalable, software oriented and future proof. Sensys Gatso introduces: Traffic Enforcement as a Service (TRaaS). Sensys Gatso will manage the entire process; from procurement and installation of the assets, to recording the violations and issuing the fine. All while the customer maintains full control and exclusive access into the functioning of the total system. With TRaaS, the customer can let Sensys Gatso do the work while they stay in control.
60 years of knowledge and experience in one service
Since the invention of the speed camera, Sensys Gatso has continued to develop more innovative hard-ware and software. The next logical step in the evolution of traffic enforcement is to provide an all-in-one solution based on our intelligent, effective, and highly secure software platform. That’s what happens when our FLUXPuls and Xilium products are combined into a single service.


FLUX enables data generation, through our cameras and other sensors, into PULS; our collection and data analysis software. PULS then sends the data to Xilium, which supports the entire back office. Xilium handles the violations, generates the official report, sends out the fine, and manages the collection process. Throughout this entire process, the customer retains complete control and insight into the total process.  All Sensys Gatso hardware and software components are perfectly harmonized with each other, so that the uptime of the complete system is maximized. The shorter the time between the violation and the receipt of the fine, the more effective the punitive measure is on the behavior of the traffic offender. Ultimately, this adaptation of behavior will contribute to greater traffic safety and saves lives.

Traffic Enforcement as a Service: flexibility to the max
Currently, no solution is as flexible as TRaaS; customers choose whether they want to leave everything to us or only hand over certain parts. Next to that, the customer has total flexibility regarding its sensors’ domain. Sensys Gatso’s FLUX platform not only connects Sensys Gatso’s own sensors, but is also perfectly compatible with sensor technology from other suppliers. FLUX is also designed to be configured with a multitude of cameras and sensors; including future sensor technology.
The customer chooses which parameters it considers important to support its operations. For example, think about a service level agreement based on KPI’s such as:
» The number of offenses detected
» The uptime percentage of the system
» The reduction of violations over a certain period of time
Based on this set of requirements the Sensys Gatso traffic enforcement solution can be configured accordingly.

Of course, TRaaS complies with all regulations on data privacy.

Initial investment and maintenance included
Staying up to date or installing your (automated) traffic enforcement solution requires an investment. With TRaaS it’s possible to include this investment in the service agreement. This means that Sensys Gatso will cover some or all of the up-front costs. The customer can then settle the agreement in various ways, for instance through a percentage of the fine proceeds, allowing it to pay for itself over time.

With TRaaS, Sensys Gatso staff will ensure that the complete chain is functioning around the clock. Our PULS software will constantly monitor for potential malfunctioning as well as any direct failures that need support in order to maintain the agreed SLA’s. To maximize uptime, regular updates and upgrades will be executed by the Sensys Gatso staff.
Quick optimizations and innovation
It is important that the system functions optimally. Ongoing system optimizations and innovations offer advantages for both parties. Customers will get up-to-date services and enjoy the benefits of the latest technology Sensys Gatso has to offer, providing a cost-effective solution.  This ensures the customer gets a service that it can trust and build on in the future.

Optimization of staff
All daily maintenance and manage-ment of the systems and software is taken care of by the experienced Sensys Gatso staff. This eliminates the need for customers to recruit and retain staff. This means that the customers’ enforcement staff can be deployed where it’s considered most needed.
More than 10 years of experience
TRaaS is not just another clever buzzword, it has already been put into practice by Sensys Gatso. In the USA, Sensys Gatso has been supplying TRaaS to various authorities for more than 10 years with a very high level of customer satisfaction. With TRaaS, everything from capturing the violation to sending out the fine and collecting the funds is fully managed.   Product upgrades and system maintenance is managed as well. This proven service model has been in use by U.S. government clients and is ready to be rolled out across the globe.
We are committed to improving traffic behaviour, everywhere.

Traffic Enforcement as a Service
We do the work, you keep control.

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