More and more tunnels are built around the bigger cities and demands are growing for improved safety. Speed enforcement in tunnels has been hard since the environment is too harsch and the space is limited. This is a problem since the speed compliance is even more important in tunnels as it is everywhere else on the road network. 

Sensys Gatso has developed a system designed for installation in tunnels which will check whether a vehicle is travelling above the speed limit or not. Sensys Gatso designed a mechanical enclosure to cope with the limited space and harsch environment.

The environment in a tunnel is very hard to deal with, after a few days of operation the dirt is everywhere. And the access to a tunnel is limited, so cleaning the equipment cannot be done often.

Sensys Gatso´s solution can stand the environment and on the same time it is not to complex and costly, like automatic mechanical cleaning. A cone in front of the system creates a pillar of air that helpes protect the camera from dirt. Now we are able to save lives even in the tunnels…

Sensys Gatso’s TSSS (Tunnel Speed Safety System) is based on Sensys Gatso’s multi-tracking radar RS242. This wide-beam radar unit, capable of tracking multiple vehicles simultaneously, uses a lobe that oversees several lanes up to 150 meters deep. Vehicles moving within that cone are tracked and their movements analysed. Speed is determined through Doppler and checked by distance over time. At the defined report line a picture is taken should there be a speed violation.

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