When our clients have a difficult project or one with extremely short lead times they turn to Sensys Gatso. During the years we have completed projects world wide where clients turn to Sensys Gatso to complete their projects.

Project management

Sensys Gatso has the broadest experience in project management in enforcement, having undertaken projects throughout the world including major turn-key solutions in all states and territories. These projects include motorway systems, intersection enforcement, tunnel enforcement, systems for remote locations, complete mobile enforcement needs and important ANPR projects.

Our project team includes experts in site management, design, commissioning and documentation. We ensure that your project is managed in-house at Sensys Gatso so that it is completed on time, within budget and to the highest quality.

Sensys Gatso’s record in completing projects on time and with minimum fuss is well recognised. While others talk of variations, Sensys Gatso gets on with the task at hand, ensuring your goals are met.


Sensys Gatso has an experienced team of qualified installation engineers, thoroughly trained on Sensys Gatso products. They are image quality experts experienced in system commissioning. Quality workmanship is the core value of the team and that is why clients continuously rate Sensys Gatso as a superior supplier when it comes to critically important enforcement projects.

Software development

Sensys Gatso has a skilled and highly motivated software team, able to add the final and most important element of any solution: integration. Now you are able to order your preferred solution, with all your desired requirements, from just one company - Sensys Gatso. Our software team’s expertise includes:

  • Speed enforcement integration to back office infringement processing systems
  • Variable speed enforcement
  • Variable speed sign monitoring
  • Secondary speed corroboration with a primary speed enforcement system
  • section control (point-to-point) and point-to-multipoint speed enforcement systems
  • Vehicle record and file management
  • Secure encryption including cryptographic solutions
  • Remote and automated monitoring of field-based image capture systems for maintenance and security monitoring.


When the main task is complete and the system is operational, Sensys Gatso ensures it stays that way. We have teams of maintenance staff who work to specific targets agreed with our clients. We don’t run to the contract when there is a problem – we get the job done, ensuring the maximum up-time and performance for every Sensys Gatso solution.

Systems Integration

Here at Sensys Gatso we take pride in our ability to offer our clients a full turn-key solution. When you require your back office system to be integrated with our front end, Sensys Gatso customises its system, log files and extractors to make it happen smoothly and efficiently.

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