Our high-resolution ANPR cameras accurately read vehicle number plates. Then, number plate information is transferred wirelessly to your back office.

There it will be checked against vehicle databases, to identify whether vehicles are authorized to enter a certain zone or lane. Sensys Gatso T-Series offers flexible enforcement solutions, which are suitable for a wide range of traffic management applications such as:

City centre restricted zones

The system can automatically identify those that do need access, based on criteria you set up. So, local residents, emergency services and public transportation vehicles do not generate citations.

Dedicated lanes

Sensys Gatso T-Series system detects violators and issues warnings or citations based on rules you establish. This ensures safety, improved transportation service and contributes to smoother traffic flow.

Urban congestion control

Based on individual traffic management measures, such as restricted access by number plate, or by days of the week or heavy congestion times of day, violators can be identified and fined.

Low emission zones

In order to achieve cleaner air objectives, access is restricted to low exhaust emission vehicles in some areas. By linking the T-Series system to a database of authorized vehicle models and/or plates, violators can be identified and issued citations.

Cut-through routes

Unauthorized vehicles that use off-limits routes to escape highway congestion are detected as they enter or exit the roadway. The violating drivers can then be fined.

Regardless of conditions, T-Series systems produce completely reliable results - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In fact, the Sensys Gatso Group has long set the standard for evidence integrity. No court case has ever been lost as a result of our technology. The  T-Series system is designed to be flexible. With our outsourcing solution, we can support your program. Or purchase our advanced equipment and administer the program from within your existing organization.

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