Sensys Gatso: Prevent traffic crashes during the Corona crisis

31/03/2020 - Sensys Gatso Group, a global leader in traffic safety solutions, advises vehicle drivers to be extra careful when driving during this worldwide Corona crisis. In support of this, the group would like to share the following message. In a typical year, just in The Netherlands, there are approximately 20.000 of non-fatal admissions to hospitals as a result of traffic crashes. To a large extent these incidents are the result of careless driving behaviour. Clearly, every hospitalization that can be avoided reduces pressure on our already stretched health services.

“From our mission ‘Making Traffic Safer’, we feel the need to raise awareness particularly during this extraordinary time. It can be tempting to drive a little faster when there is less traffic on the roads. And with schools closed, there can be more vulnerable road participants”, says Ivo Mönnink, CEO, Sensys Gatso Group AB.

Drivers tend to drive differently when there is less traffic. This is dangerous. Certain occupations are operating under increased stress levels which leads to increased fatigue. Between 15% to 20% of all traffic crashes are estimated to be (partly) due to driver fatigue. It is not hard to imagine that truck drivers and healthcare professionals, two of the groups that are working extra hard during this crisis, are more tired than usual while driving. There is also the temptation to text or make phone calls when the traffic is quieter.

“Every hospital bed counts at this time. If we all drive safer and with more awareness, then we can greatly reduce hospital admissions through traffic-related crashes. Also for your own personal safety, please do everything possible to avoid an emergency room visit at this time”, according to Ivo Mönnink.

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Published: 31/03/2020