Extraordinary general meeting

19/03/2012 - Sensys Traffic (publ) has resolved to carry out a new issue of units composed of shares and warrants with pre-emptive rights for existing shareholders, pursuant to the adoption by an extraordinary general meeting of shareholders of the proposal set forth in the convening notice.

Upon full subscription of the issue, Sensys Traffic will be provided with approximately SEK 28.5 million before issue costs spread among approximately 191 million shares, representing SEK 0.15 per share.

The subscription price when subscribing for new shares through warrants of series 2012/2013:A (March 2013) shall be SEK 0.30 per share. The subscription price when subscribing for new shares through warrants of series 2012/2013:B (October 2013) shall be SEK 0.60 per share.

Upon full subscription for shares through warrants, Sensys will be provided with a further amount of approximately SEK 9.6 million in March 2013 and SEK 19.2 million in October 2013 spread among approximately 64 million shares, upon the full exercise of all warrants.

The aforementioned implies that each unit shall consist of 6 new shares and one warrant of series 2012/2013:A and one warrant of series 2012/2013. A holding of 9 existing shares shall give the holder the right to subscribe for 1 unit. The subscription price for each unit shall be SEK 0.90.

The issue is guaranteed up to approximately 13 percent through subscription commitments.

Sensys Traffic is obliged to publish the information contained in this press release pursuant to the Swedish Securities Market Act. The information was submitted for publication at 11:45 on 19 March 2012.

Sensys Traffic develops and markets various systems for traffic informatics and traffic safety. The products are primarily used for speed and red-light enforcement. The Sensys share is listed on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm.

Published: 19/03/2012
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