Cedar Rapids, Iowa Reinstates I-380 Speed Enforcement Program

22/08/2018 - In May of this year, the Iowa Supreme Court reversed the 2017 decision authorizing the Iowa Department of Transportation to regulate cities’ Automated Traffic Enforcement Cameras (ATE’s).

A collective appeal, filed by three Iowa cities challenging a district court’s order to uphold administrative rules issued by Iowa Department of Transportation, was ultimately successful for the cities. Cities are now free to resume their programs. The City of Cedar Rapids today asked Sensys Gatso USA to prepare the interstate speed cameras for reactivation, effective October 1st. Sensys Gatso has kept the hardware installed and ready for reactivation at any point, minimizing restart efforts.  

“Navigating the S curve portion of the I-380 through Cedar Rapids is a challenge for drivers and we hope the restart of the camera program will make the drive a little safer as drivers better comply with posted speed limits” according to Rich Kosina, Chief Technical Officer of Sensys Gatso Group, USA.

The information was submitted for publication, through the agency of the contact person, at 14.00 on August 22, 2018.


 Release (pdf)

Link to release from May 2, 2018

Link to release from May 7, 2018


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Published: 22/08/2018