Nomination Committee

The nomination committee prepares proposals for the Annual General Meeting with regard to the election and remuneration of Board members and auditors. The nomination committee meets when required although at least once a year. Instructions for the nomination will be found in the minutes from the AGM.

The nomination committee of Sensys Gatso Group AB (publ) is composed of the following members:

Timo Gatsonides, for own holdings (Chairman)
T +31 6 22 775 901

Per Wall, for own holdings
T +46 (0)70 955 00 22

Jan Johansson, appointed by Inger Bergstrand
T +46 (0)8 149502 or +46 (0)706 709047

Claes Ödman, Chairman of the board of directors in Sensys Gatso Group
T +46 70 852 8512

Any suggestions or comments that you wish to share with the Nomination Committee before their work, shall be sent to the Nomination Committee no later than 2020-03-26.