Group Management


Ivo Mönnink

b. 1962. 
Employed since 2017. 
Education: Master in Business Economics, Erasmus University Rotterdam.
Background: CEO of Hitec Power Protection, Ferm powertools and Besin International (now Smurfit Kappa Hexacomb). Commercial roles with Nike and Unilever. 
Other directorships: Owner of, and Board member of Destro Management B.V.
Shareholding: 1,417,615 shares. 6,000,000 call options valid from October 1, 2020.


Simon Mulder

b. 1978.
Employed since 2016. 
Education: Post Master Accountancy. 
Background: Finance Director of Sensys Gatso Group The Netherlands and Senior Audit Manager at BDO.
Shareholding: 120,000 shares.


Timo Gatsonides

b. 1973.
Employed since 2015.
Education: Computer Science. 
Background: Started working at Gatso in 1995. Has previously worked as CEO of GATSO.
Shareholding: 163,000,000 shares*.
* indirect shareholding a family holding company.


Joris Lampe

b. 1972.
Employed since 2017. 
Education: MSc in Science and Business Administration, Twente University. 
Background: Has previously worked as Account Manager at Lucent Technologies, as Sales Manager at Nedap and as Managing Director of Itron Nederland. 
Shareholding: 25,000 shares.


Extended Management Team


Jörgen Andersson
General Manager, Sensys Gatso Sweden AB

b. 1970.
Employed since 2009.
Education: M. Sc. Industrial Engineering & Management
Background: Has previously worked as Managing Director of Röchling Formaterm AB. Has also held various positions in global contract manufacturing for the telecom industry. Former Sourcing & Supply Director of Sensys Gatso Sweden.
Shareholding: 0 shares.


Niki Gatsonides
Managing Director, Sensys Gatso Netherlands BV

b. 1974.
Employed since 2015.
Education: MSc in Accounting & Auditing. 
Background: Started working at Gatso in 2000. Has previously worked as CFO of Sensys Gatso Group AB.
Shareholding: 163,000,000 shares*.
* indirect shareholding a family holding company.


Enzo Dri
Managing Director, Sensys Gatso Australia Pty Ltd 

b. 1968.
Employed since 2015.
Education: Masters of Engineering.
Background: Worked at IBM Australia for over 20 years including multiple General Manager and Director roles. 
Shareholding: 0 shares.


Andrew Noble
President, Sensys Gatso USA Inc

b. 1964.
Employed since 2005.
Education: Electrical and Electronics Engineering and Business management.
Background: Global Sales Development team of General Electric (GE) Infrastructure Security, Director of International Sales for GE Security.
Shareholding: 0 shares.


Richard Kosina
Chief Technical Officer, Sensys Gatso USA, Inc.

b. 1954.
Employed since 2007.
Education: Electronics, Business Management.
Background: Employed with Gatso agent beginning 1998. Cofounded Gatso USA, Inc. in 2007.
Shareholding: 0 shares.


Edmar Van der Weijden
Managing Director, Sensys Gatso Managed Services BV

b. 1963.
Employed since 2008. 
Education: BSc in Automotive Engineering. 
Background: Has held several positions for multinationals in the Netherlands and abroad. Has previously worked as Director Sales & Marketing of Gatsometer BV and Executive Vice President of Sensys Gatso Managed Services BV.
Shareholding: 605,000 shares.