The members of the Board have long and extensive experience of several different sectors both in Sweden and internationally. The Board includes directors with technical as well as commercial expertise. The Board proceeds according to an established agenda. The Board shall hold four meetings per financial year. Other meetings may be held when necessary. The Board shall primarily devote its time to all-embracing and long-term issues as well as issues that are of significance for the company. Furthermore, the Board shall continuously assess how the Chief Executive Officer fulfils his responsibilities regarding ongoing operations. 

The Chairman of the Board represents the Board both externally and internally. The Chairman shall lead the work of the Board, ensure the Board fulfils its tasks in accordance with prevailing legislation and the Articles of Association, and ensure meetings are held when required. 

The CEO is responsible for ongoing administration according to the guidelines and instructions provided by the Board. In accordance with separate instructions, the CEO shall refer to the Board all questions that are of fundamental significance, or of unusual character or of considerable value. The registered office of the company is located in the Municipality of Jönköping, Sweden.


Claes Ödman.jpg

Claes Ödman

b. 1965

Chairman of the Board. Board member since 2011.

Head of Division and CEO of Ascom Wireless Solutions, and member of Group management of Swiss company Ascom. Has previously held various managerial positions at Ericsson AB, including in Singapore and Taiwan.

Education: Degree in Engineering Physics and an MBA, both from Chalmers in Gothenburg.

Sensys Gatso holding: 50,000 shares.


Kerstin Sjöstrand

b. 1958

Board member since 2016.

Responsible for Business Support at SEB´s division for Pension and Insurance. Has worked over 30 years at SEB with in different roles such as CFO and chief of staff at division level and business manager for the Swedish card business.

Education: MBA.

Sensys Gatso holding: 22,200 shares.


Pia Hofstedt

b. 1961

Board member since 2016.

CIO Quant AB 2015. Former CIO at Aleris 2011-2015. Self-employed Hofstedt Management & Consulting in 2011, CIO at Scandic Hotels from 2007 to 2011, CIO Salus Ansvar 2004-2007, CEO of NeoNet Technology and CIO NeoNet AB 1998-2004.

Education: Degree in Business Administration from Stockholm University and management training, Dale Carnegie.

Sensys Gatso holding: 0 shares.

Ingemar Skogö

Ingemar Skogö

b. 1949

Board member since 2011.

Previously county governor of Västmanland and Director General of the Swedish Aviation Administration and Swedish Road Administration.

Other directorships: Fordonsforskning För Innovation, VINNOVA, Swedavia, Teologiska Högskolan i Stockholm AB.

Education: MBA.

Sensys Gatso holding: 75,552 shares.

Katarina Staaf.jpg

Katarina Staaf

b. 1967

Board member since 2016.

Background in management and specialist positions in the finance and real estate market including CEO of Evli Funds. Last financial and property manager, executive committee member of Riksbyggen also CEO at Riksbyggen BoSpar. Director of Fund management Länsförsäkringar AB, Fast Partner AB (publ) and Entra ASA.

Education: Degree in Financial Economics, Gothenburg University.

Sensys Gatso holding: 0 shares.

Jochem Garritsen

Jochem Garritsen

b. 1972

Board member since 2015. 

Head of Services Sales, Nokia. Has worked in the telecommunication industry in The Netherlands and abroad for over 16 years. Is a strong international leader and has held senior sales and business line head positions for professional services.

Education: Master of Science degree in Systems Engineering, Policy Analysis and Management, University of Delft. Jochem is from the Netherlands.

Sensys Gatso holding: 25,000 shares.