Sensys Gatso USA’s Boston office is taking distracted driving personally following last week’s announcement of the first annual “Sensys Gatso’s Safest Driver” competition

The contest is being run through the “Boston’s Safest Driver” phone app which measures everything from a driver’s speed to their braking patterns and phone usage. Drivers are given a score for each trip taken, along with custom-tailored driving advice to improve any potentially dangerous driving behaviors. While Sensys Gatso works rigorously to implement cutting-edge distracted driving enforcement solutions on the road - outside of the lab - the fight to make traffic safer has already begun. Distracted driving is a pervasive and largely overlooked epidemic, responsible for taking the lives of thousands each year in the United States alone. Sensys Gatso’s Safest Driver is a homegrown initiative aimed at increasing accountability for safer driving, while raising awareness in a fun and competitive way. The competition is also another example of Sensys Gatso’s many efforts to honor a long-standing commitment to Vision Zero.

The competition is set to begin June 1st and run through the end of July. Two winners will be announced upon its completion; the Grand Cash Prize is going to the individual with the highest combined score throughout the contest’s duration and, in addition, there will be a secondary prize through the “Vision Zero Hero Raffle” in which each participant with a total score of 80+ will be entered into a raffle for dinner at a local restaurant.