Following the extraordinary general meeting held on the 24th of July and the approval of the shareholders during that meeting, we are pleased to announce that the acquisition of Gatso Beheer B.V. is now completed. So effective from 1st of August Sensys and Gatso will operate as the Sensys Gatso Group.

The merger of the operations of Sensys Traffic and Gatso, that follows on the acquisition, will create the largest supplier of traffic enforcement equipment for traffic safety with a strong and unique proposition in the managed services market. The combined company will have presence in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australia, and will also have a foothold in the North American managed services market. The combined company will operate under the name Sensys Gatso Group AB. As Torbjörn Sandberg, CEO of Sensys Gatso Group stated earlier "Sensys and Gatso complement each other very well and still share the fundamental values and ethics that are needed to build sustainable business growth in the enforcement market. Sensys and Gatso will be significantly stronger together than as individual companies. The Sensys Gatso Group comes out of this merger in the pole position in the equipment market being the market leader and as a challenger with solid foothold in the managed services market. We expect synergies in sales where our combined sales force will be able achieve better market coverage while we also get a broader product portfolio to bring to our joint customer base. On top of the strong market position, synergies in R&D will provide a great focus on core technologies, software as well as on customized solutions allowing the company to expand into new markets."

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