Sensys Gatso is executing projects all over the world with many customers. Those projects are intended to change driving behaviour in order to increase traffic safety. In this article a project has been selected to give meaning how those projects do indeed contribute to increasing traffic safety and saving lives. The stories are being told by Sensys Gatso’s own employees who have played key roles in the execution of the projects. They have seen firsthand the results those projects have had and know how successful the projects have been.



Frank Wilmink, 
The Netherlands

Sensys Gatso Group AB– Head of Customer Support
with Sensys Gatso since 2000
Bachelor of electronics, HTS Haarlem – 2000 
1996 to 2000

Openbaar Ministerie (Public Prosecution Service)
Country: The Netherlands
Project: Highway A2 Point to Point system (Service and Maintenance)
Staff: 7
Product: Based on 2 Mpixel GS2 smart camera with basic ANPR, Loopless Trigger Radar, local PC for roadside data storage and full ANPR, mobile internet communication, central matching server, all Linux based and all industrial standard
Partners: ±30
Clients: 30
Contract: EG033

The challenge
Our customer, the Dutch Public Prosecution Service was looking for a stand-alone, automated and completely managed system to detect and process speed violations for the A2 highway between two major cities. They issued a tender for the design, implementation, management and maintenance of a point-to-point system. The OM wanted to be the owner of the hardware but also wanted to be fully serviced. The main KPI for this 8-year contract was an availability of 98% (up time of the system). Another important indicator was the chance of being caught. The goal was to measure the speed of 75% of the passing cars. We call this the matching percentage. To reach these percentages it’s important to have a high service level. When a camera has an error or is in need of replacement it has to be fixed as quickly as possible. The OM also put a bonus malus system in place to ensure a good service level. There was one more important indicator. The OM had a requirement on automatic processing of the violations. They wanted that 90% of the violations had to be suitable for automatic processing. The challenge with this tender was to convince the OM we could offer this complete package: hardware, software, service and maintenance. Not just saying we were able to do it, but also showing them in detail how we would service them together with our partners. 

The process
During the bid phase we formed a team of specialists to come up with the best plan and approach. Besides thinking about the design of the system and software we also had to think about the 8-years of service ahead. What kind of hardware do we use? Do we need an agreement with our suppliers on hardware availability for the next 10 years? How do we safeguard the knowledge if employees would leave the company? A multi-disciplinary team consisting of a project manager, lead architect, infra structural expert, software engineers and support engineers was needed to make this project into a success. The overall architecture, especially the data communication and the specific customizations were the biggest challenges in this project. The most important score within the bid phase is the EMVI-score. This is about the most profitable proposal. So, the OM was not only looking for the lowest possible price. They were also looking for value for money. Because we have been working with the OM for many years, we knew how to approach and convince them. We became one of the two suppliers to whom the project was awarded.

The solution
Our support department delivered an end-to-end service and maintenance model in which the critical process indicators were leading. With monitoring, quick response times and detailed reports to the client we managed to keep the system outperforming the initial requirement for 8 years. We showed an availability of 99,8 (target 98%) and a matching percentage of 84,82% (target 75%) in 2020. Resulting in earning bonuses every year since 2012 for our excellent performance. Besides these yearly bonuses, we were rewarded with a contract extension of 4 years on the A2 system. Normally an extension would be 1 or maybe 2 years. This 4-year extension means the client has great confidence in our solution and contract management.