Sensys Gatso is executing projects all over the world with many customers. Those projects are intended to change driving behaviour in order to increase traffic safety. In this article a project has been selected to give meaning how those projects do indeed contribute to increasing traffic safety and saving lives. The stories are being told by Sensys Gatso’s own employees who have played key roles in the execution of the projects. They have seen firsthand the results those projects have had and know how successful the projects have been.



Alistair Wiggins
Sydney, Australia

Technical Director, Sensys Gatso Australia - with Sensys Gatso since 2011
Masters Degree (MEng) - Electronic & Electrical Engineering University of Leeds Chartered Engineer (CEng) - Engineering Council Registration No. 451903
1987 to 1991

Client: Department of Justice & Community Safety (DJCS)
State: Victoria
Project: Mobile Camera Replacement & Expansion Programs
Staff: Australia 34 & Netherlands 5 
Product: T-Series Mobile Speed Camera with RT4 Tracking Radar
Quantities: 150 systems delivered
Partners: Serco - Operate systems on behalf of DJCS, DJCS Testing Services Provider
Contracts: DJCS - Supply, installation & maintenance, Serco Australia - Maintenance

The challenge
Like many jurisdictions around the world, our client, the State Government of Victoria faced the challenge of an ever increasing road toll.  As part of its Towards Zero Road Safety Strategy, multiple initiatives were identified under the categories of Safer Roads, Safer Vehicles, Safer People and Safer Speeds.        

As part of the Safer Speeds category, the Government identified speed management and speed enforcement as key priorities in the effort towards reducing death and serious injury on Victoria’s roads. There is a positive correlation between road safety cameras and saving lives. Enforcing speed-related offences increases road safety and reduces the road toll.

Victoria’s road safety camera program comprises both mobile and fixed cameras working in tandem to ensure that speed enforcement coverage is maximised across Victorian roads. Mobile road safety cameras aim to generate general deterrence across the entire road network via an ‘anywhere, anytime’ operational mode deployed in over 2000 locations. 

The State Government of Victoria had a fleet of over 80 legacy Gatso speed cameras that had operated successfully for over 10 years, but were due for replacement. The technology had limitations on where it could be deployed and reducing these limitations was a State priority for the replacement process. 

A Mobile Camera Replacement program was created to procure and deploy new mobile camera systems to upgrade the State’s ‘anywhere, anytime’ operation objective with new technology. The Government converted it’s objectives into a challenge to the enforcement industry to develop a solution that could accurately monitor multiple lanes in both directions, operate in high-density surroundings and under a broader range of environmental conditions, but - most importantly - was safe and easy to operate. Sensys Gatso accepted the challenge.

The process
Our client took a structured approach to issuing the challenge to the enforcement industry. To ensure that the most appropriate solution was selected, a three part process was used.

Part 1 - Marketplace tender. Sensys Gatso initially responded to a tender issued to the enforcement industry which called for innovative and compliant responses to the challenge. The responses were assessed against the State’s requirements.

Part 2- Proof of Concept (PoC). Following the tender evaluation Sensys Gatso was invited to participate in a Proof of Concept process. A sequential demonstration process for each proposed solution was undertaken by the client to further assess technical suitability. 

Part 3 - A competitive pilot. Sensys Gatso was finally invited to participate in a competitive pilot for consideration by the State as the supplier of the replacement solution. On the basis of its performance in the competitive pilot, Sensys Gatso was chosen as the State’s preferred supplier of product and services.

The Sensys Gatso approach to addressing the challenge through all parts of the process was based around integrity,  collaboration and flexibility.

Integrity was centered around the secure and accurate output of the systems. We focused on open communication around what we were and were not able to achieve.

Collaboration and flexibility used an open communication approach to listen to the client’s underlying objectives and work through how they may be achieved - whether it be through technical modifications, operational procedures or acceptable specification revisions.

During the Proof of Concept, Sensys Gatso’s proposed solution was demonstrated during trials held by the side of the road and at a test track. The testing included representatives from the Victorian State Government, Victoria Police, Serco (the operators of the existing and new systems) and multiple team members from Sensys Gatso in Australia and the Netherlands. The results of the trials were independently reviewed by the client’s appointed Testing Services Provider (TSP). 

Following a successful Proof of Concept, Sensys Gatso was invited to the competitive pilot process to have a head to head comparison against another supplier.

The output from the PoC was used to refine and optimise our proposed solution. The modified systems were then deployed into multiple vehicles which were fitted out with the Mobile Speed Camera solution. Once again, extensive testing took place in the lab, on a race track and included on-road trials with Serco operators. The independent TSP was used to verify outputs. This process was invaluable to ensure the system met the requirements of all parties.

During the process we addressed multiple objectives:
» Ease of use (quick enforcement session set-up)
» Safety of camera car operators (minimal time outside of the vehicle)
» Quality and accuracy (image quality, correct speed and lane identification)

...and we overcame multiple challenges:
» An independent secondary speed verification device using a separate technology 
» A system totally installed inside the vehicle in a rear-facing mode of operation
» A system able to operate through rear window glass
» A universal mounting solution that could be used in multiple model vehicles.

After the intense competitive pilot process, Sensys Gatso was selected as the preferred supplier. We were proud to have gained the confidence of our client and their trust to deliver a solution that met their objectives.

The solution
After multiple years and an extensive assessment process and solution development cycle, our client selected Sensys Gatso for the provision of Mobile Road Safety Camera systems and ongoing support services. The supply contract started with the delivery of 10 initial systems as Phase 1, followed by multiple subsequent phases where additional systems were produced, installed and placed into operation. Once in operation, Sensys Gatso provides ongoing hardware and software support services.

The solution is based on our latest T-Series cameras, featuring an RT4 tracking radar. It’s a fixed system normally used for intersection, highway speed and red-light enforcement. It has been customised so it can be used as a mobile road safety camera system mounted inside a vehicle. The end product meets all of the customer’s strict requirements for image quality, ease of operation and flexibility in deployment. The T-Series Mobile solution achieved the desired goal of a mobile speed camera that really can be deployed anywhere and at any time. The system includes a laser based secondary speed measurement device and a Target Vehicle Marker (TVM) feature to identify the speeding vehicles. The system enforces over six lanes of traffic in either direction and can detect multiple vehicles simultaneously. There is currently no other solution deployed in Australia that provides this level of performance.

Our project is an excellent example of successful collaboration between industry and Government. It resulted in a world leading customized solution. All requirements of all parties were met and the desired road safety outcomes were achieved. Up to this day we have sold over 150 systems that are in operation across the State of Victoria.