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The distracted driving epidemic has been devastating the world for well over a decade. Annually, distracted driving is responsible for the
deaths of well over 3,000 only in America. It’s our responsibility to address this problem head on and strive to offer dynamic, life-saving solutions.


6 out of 10 teen crashes involve distracted driving

*Based of numbers gathered from a study run by Zendrive



The Dangers of Texting and Driving

The National Safety Council (USA) estimates that 9 % of drivers are using a phone at any given time. It´s no wonder 25 % of all motor vehicle crashes involve the use of a cell phone.


The Sensys Gatso Solution

What is FLUX?
FLUX is Sensys Gatso’s answer to the distracted driving enforcement issue. FLUX is Sensys Gatso’s most exciting and cutting-edge technology platform to date. While staying true to the company’s root as a more than capable red light and speed camera system, FLUX algorithms take a ground-breaking stride; introducing algorithms capable of identifying distracted drivers at highway speeds. FLUX will enable states and localities to double down on their commitment to curbing distracted drivings deadly effects.

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