Sensys Gatso invented a traffic enforcement platform that’s always prepared for what tomorrow will bring: Sensys Gatso Flux. It’s a modular system with an intelligent agent that connects to all sorts of sensors. A system that’s ready to take on future (sensor) technologies. With its modular approach, Sensys Gatso Flux is hardware independent. This means we can offer you a product that will always fit your requirements. Completely adaptable, you can install new features and sensors at any time — even connect it with non Sensys Gatso boxes. No matter which sensors you hook up to our platform, we guarantee a valid and trustworthy piece of evidence that will hold up in court.


Our new platform supports a growing list of traffic enforcement applications, such as: speed, distracted driving, ANPR and red-light enforcement. Sensys Gatso Flux is a smart investment that supports changes in traffic behavior. It’s the one you’ve been waiting for, that’ll make a difference now and in the future. So that road travel becomes safer and more sustainable in your area.